About Digitali
Our Mission

Our mission is straightforward: to empower the community in creating and curating the most transparent and trusted Web3 encyclopedia for NFTs.

Our community is building a comprehensive informational resource for every NFT collection. Whether you own, are looking to own, or just want to learn more about a NFT, everything you need is on Digitali.

Here's what you'll find when you explore Digitali:

  • Its History
  • The Founders
  • NFT Characteristics
  • Rarity Traits
  • Functionality
  • NFT Ownership Rights
Core Principles

Digitali provides objective, fact-based impartial and unbiased information only. We do not offer subjective opinion or speculation.


Content must be direct, plain, unambiguous and specific. Avoid platitudes, generalities, hyperbole, unnecessary words and sentences.


As a trusted information resource, content must be accurate and publicly verifiable citing reliable sources.

Why Digitali?

The NFT industry currently lacks a reliable repository of NFT collection knowledge.

Researching a collection often involves sifting through multiple sources of varying quality, exposing you to hype, FUD, and subjective opinions.

Digitali's mission is to simplify this process.

We aim to provide a one-stop, trusted, and reliable source where both seasoned NFT enthusiasts and newcomers can effortlessly access comprehensive information about any NFT collection.

We're building Digitali to meet our own needs and believe it will be an essential resource for the next wave of NFT enthusiasts.

Primary Objectives

Submitting content that is balanced, accurate, referenced, and relevant helps us to achieve our primary objectives.

Building the definitive Web3 Wiki for NFT collections
Building awareness of Digitali to drive content contribution
Recording submissions and rewarding our users for their contribution
Reward Points & Digitali Token

Our community of contributors plays a pivotal role in realizing Digitali's potential.

In preparation for the launch of a Digitali token, we reward successful contributors with Reward Points linked to their Ethereum addresses. These Reward Points are calculated based on the quantity and quality of your content.

More information about Reward Points can be found in our FAQ.

As we achieve milestones in terms of contributors and collection page content, we'll engage actively with the Digitali community to discuss the introduction of the Digitali token.

Meet our team

We are Cumberland Labs, an early-stage Web3 incubator and business builder affiliated with the crypto trading giant Cumberland and Chicago-based proprietary trading firm DRW.

Our team comprises builders, founders, product managers, technologists, and researchers dedicated to creating and deploying Web3 products and businesses.

Feel free to reach out to us at Digitali anytime via Discord, email, or Twitter DMs.

For more details about our content, review process, Reward Points, tokens, and more, explore our FAQ section.

Tama Churchouse
Interim CEO
Former Block.One, EOS VC, JP Morgan
David Kim
Former Cumberland/DRW, The Boston Consulting Group
Saqib Hafeez Khan
Blockchain Developer
Experience with NFTs & Private Blockchains
Tusharika Khatri
DevRel Engineer
Worked as NFT Content Creator
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Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do you best work. Contact us at info@digitali.xyz.