Earning Reward Points is easy!

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Step 1

Select an NFT Collection & add Content for it

Step 2

Our content moderators review and verify your content

Step 3

Successful submission grants you Reward Points.

How Reward Points Work?

Reward Points are intended to incentivise both the QUANTITY and QUALITY of content submitted.

Points are awarded depending on the quantity of content submitted, factoring in the final quantity of words approved for a Collection Page, as measured by word count.

Example: If you submitted 150 words of content for a Collection Page and our content moderators approved 120 words, the calculations will happen in this way:

Quality Score

Reward Points

Content Guidelines


We strive to provide our customers with impartial, objective, and unbiased information and content. We do not offer opinions.


Our content must be direct, plain, unambiguous, and specific, avoiding platitudes and generalities and omitting unnecessary words and sentences.


All content must aim for verifiable accuracy citing reliable sources.


DO submit objective content

DO use concise language

DO cite your References

DO use credible news articles, interviews with the creative team, official announcements from Twitter or Discord

DO focus on adding new content

DO use the same email and ETH address every time you submit


DON’T submit subjective or speculative content

DON’T add clichés or platitudes

DON’T plagiarise

DON’T use Wikipedia, Quora, Reddit, or unverified Twitter accounts

DON’T focus on editing or removing existing content

DON’T navigate away from the Editor page