Announcing Digitali

We believe that blockchain-based digital art and NFTs are here to stay, but while the NFT trading frenzy of late 2021 and early 2022 has subsided, plenty of NFT communities and brands have persisted and continued to grow and evolve, while the “fast money” opportunists have all but disappeared.

For the ecosystem to move forward, it will be critical for participants and newcomers to easily access reliable, objective, shared project knowledge.

As we wrote in October 2021:

“There is some speculative frenzy, a rush of new opportunists, and huge trading volumes and high prices. Just like the ICO boom of 2017.
And just like 2017 there will be plenty of failures. In time the market will correct, winners separated from losers, and on we go.
Bitcoin and crypto didn’t “end” when the bubble burst in 2018. Just look at the decentralized finance sector. A couple years ago the total value locked - TVL (total value of digital assets being staked in decentralised finance protocols) was a couple hundred million dollars…
Today it’s over US$80 billion.
There are more people and capital flowing into the industry than ever before, but it just so happens that growth is a volatile business in crypto. Peaks and troughs are nothing new, it's what emerges from them that is worth paying attention to.”

So what’s worth paying attention to?

From the outsiders perspective, or even for the crypto native, the process of understanding the origin story of a particular NFT collection, its functionality, its true ownership and intellectual property rights, and what a collection really is remains incredibly difficult.

How does one become truly informed? Or at least informed enough to decide whether or not to spend an often not-insignificant amount of money acquiring an NFT.

You don’t know who to trust. You need to navigate hype and FUD. As the late American novelist John Updike said, “Yes, there is a ton of information on the web, but much of it is egregiously inaccurate, unedited, unattributed and juvenile.”

And that’s where Digitali comes in.

Web2 platforms like Tripadvisor and Yelp have amassed billions of user reviews and ratings building billion-dollar businesses for shareholders. Users contribute their expertise, time, and knowledge to build these massive platforms, only to receive intangible rewards, with the contributors who fuel success receiving little more than points and badges.

In the Web3 era, we believe in a different approach—a paradigm where users are rewarded for what they create and contribute. That's why we are proud to introduce Digitali, the Web3 Wiki for NFT collections, where contributors earn rewards for their valuable content, while building a platform that empowers contributors and addresses the growing consumer need for a reliable, neutral, and transparent source of NFT knowledge.

Digitali aims to bridge the NFT knowledge gap by providing a comprehensive wiki-like repository of information that is continuously being updated.

We adhere to three key principles: neutrality, clarity, and transparency. Our community strives to provide users with impartial, objective, and unbiased information. No hype, no FUD, just NFT collection knowledge.

We aim to provide one ever-evolving, trustworthy page for the history of a collection, its founders, its functionalities, and the specific ownership rights associated with each collection. Transparent, and referenced.

Digitali is not just another website; it's a collaborative effort driven by the community. We believe in the power of collective wisdom and the passion of NFT enthusiasts. As contributors add their knowledge and insights to collection wiki pages, Digitali evolves into the definitive Web3 Wiki for NFTs.

We believe in a meritocratic internet, where anyone can easily connect and contribute content with zero barriers to entry, no crypto required, leveraging blockchain to ensure that contributors are rewarded for their content, however small.

Anyone can join the community, contribute expertise, and help us build the ultimate Web3 Wiki for NFTs.

Connect. Contribute. Earn Rewards. It’s that simple.

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